Product Registrations

The main responsibility of all government drug regulatory agencies across the globe is to ensure that all products made available to its citizens conform to acceptable standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. Nimesh Pharma supports these regulations and assists various governments with the process, on behalf of our customers, in order to meet the health demands of their population.
Nimesh Pharma has registered hundreds of our pharmaceuticals and healthcare products worldwide. Our highly experienced registration department deals with all matters relating to the registration of our products. Our customers rely on our experience and competent staff to complete product registration effectively and efficiently. We stick by our customers, whether registration takes months or even years, until the product(s) are approved and importation of our products can be initiated.
Being a highly detail oriented process, product registration procedures and requirements vary according to country. However, our focus on the implementation of the most efficient registration processes has allowed us to expedite the amount of time it normally takes from submitting the registration application to product distribution. We will see the process through to the end.
Nimesh Pharma works with various government, ministries, agencies, and administration to ensure that our products can serve the health needs of their people and animals

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