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Adult Diaper

  • Product Information
    Nimesh Pharma Adult Diaper is an absorbent pad used for personal hygiene. It is worn by adults with incontinence, mobility impairment or dementia. Nimesh Pharma Adult Diapers are soft, comfortable and safe.
    Nimesh Pharma Adult Diaper features:
    Highly absorbent and soft
    Wet detector strip
    Strong adhesive strips
    Nimesh Pharma Adult Diaper is available as:
    Adult Diaper Size S
    Adult Diaper Size M
    Adult Diaper Size L
    Adult Diaper Size XL
    Product Packaging
    Nimesh Pharma Adult Diaper is available in the following packaging:
    Size S: 30 pieces / poly bag;
    Size M: 30 pieces / poly bag;
    Size L: 20 pieces/ poly bag;
    Size XL: 10 pieces / poly bag;
    or according to the customer's specification.
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