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Floxuridine Powder for Injection

    • Product Information Floxuridine is an oncology drug that belongs to the class known as antimetabolites because it interferes with the metabolism and growth of cells. Floxuridine prevents the production of DNA in cells. Cancer cells take up floxuridine, which then slows or stops the growth of cancer cells in your body.

      Floxuridine Powder for Injection is effective in the palliative management of hepatic metastases of colorectal and gastric cancers, when given by continuous regional intra-arterial infusion in carefully selected patients who are considered incurable by surgery or other means. Floxuridine is injected directly into the artery that carries blood to the liver or the abdominal cavity.
    • Product Packaging This product is available in the following dosages:
      Floxuridine Powder for Injection 500mg

      Floxuridine Powder for Injection is available in the following packaging:
      10 vials / tray, 1 tray / box;
      or according to the customer's specifications.
    • Therapy Anticancer, Antineoplastic, Antimetabolite
    • Active Ingredients Floxuridine
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