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Mercapturine Tablets

    • Product Information Mercaptopurine is an anti-cancer antineoplastic chemotherapy drug.  This medication is classified as an antimetabolite.  It works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells. Mercaptopurine Tablet is mainly used to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

      Mercaptopurine is also used to treat many types of autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, acute idiopathic polyneuritis, acute idiopathic nephrotic syndrome, psoriatic arthritis, erythroid aplasia, or myelofibrosis; idiopathic hemolytic anemia; macroglobulinemia; idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura; idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis; multiple sclerosis; myasthenia gravis; uveitis; and ulcerative colitis. This drug may also be used to treat Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and lymphoblastic lymphoma.
    • Product Packaging This product is available in the following dosages:
      Mercaptopurine Tablets 50mg

      Mercaptopurine Tablets are available in the following dosages:
      10 tablets / blister, 10 blisters / box;
      or according to the customer's specifications.
    • Therapy Chemotherapy, Anticancer, Antineoplastic, Antimetabolite
    • Active Ingredients Mercaptopurine
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