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Oxyclozanide + Levamisole Oral Suspension

    • Product Information Oxyclozanide and Levamisole act against a broad spectrum of gastrointestinal worms and against lung worms. Oxyclozanide is a salicylanilide and acts against Trematodes, bloodsucking nematodes and larvae of hypoderma and Oestrus spp. Levamisole causes an increase of the axial muscle tone followed by paralysis of worms.

      Oxyclozanide and Levamisole Oral Suspension is prophylaxis and treatment of gastrointestinal and lung worm infections in cattle, calves, sheep and goats like: Trichostrongylus, Cooperia, Ostertagia, Haemonchus, Nematodirus, Chabertia, Bunostomum, Dictyocaulus and Fasciola (liverfluke) spp.
    • Product Packaging This product is available in the following dosages:
      Oxyclozanide + Levamisole Oral Suspension 3% + 1.5%
      Oxyclozanide + Levamisole Oral Suspension 6% + 3%

      Oxyclozanid + Levamisole Oral Suspension is available in the following packaging:
      1 Liter bottles;
      or according to the customer's specifications.

    • Therapy Anthelmintic, Gastrointestinal, Anti-worm
    • Active Ingredients Levamisole, Oxyclozanide
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