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Alcohol Prep Pad

    • Product Information
      AdvaCare Alcohol Prep Pads are a topical antiseptic. Alcohol Prep Pads are used for preparation of skin prior to injections to prevent infection from bacteria . Alcohol Prep Pads are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol to inhibit the action of microorganisms.

      AdvaCare Alcohol Prep Pad features:
           * 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
           * 2 ply
           * steril, non-woven

      AdvaCare Alcohol Prep Pad  are available as:
      Alcohol Prep Pad 60 x 30mm
         Alcohol Prep Pad 80 x 45mm

      or according to the costumer's specification.
    • Product Packaging
      AdvaCare Prep Pads are available in the following packaging:
      1 piece / pack, 200 packs / box, 100 or 200 boxes / carton;

      or according to the costumer's specification.
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