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Blood Transfusion Bag (Blood Bag)

    • Product Information AdvaCare Blood Transfusion Bags are available in single, double, triple, or quadruple forms. Made with the highest quality medical PVC material, they are completely sterile and pyrogen free.

      AdvaCare Blood Transfusion Bags Features:
          * Non-peel off labels
          * Needle protector
          * 16G Short-beak puncture needle offers minimal pain to the donor
          * Snap tip valves
          * Convenient access ports
          * Rounded edges
          * Transfer bags with needle, transfer tube, and spike
          * Anticoagulant type

      or according to the customer's specifications.

      AdvaCare Blood Bags are available as:
           Blood Bag single 150ml – 500ml
           Blood Bag double 150ml – 500ml
           Blood Bag triple 150ml – 500ml
           Blood Bag quadruple150ml – 500ml

      or according to the customer's specifications.

    • Product Packaging AdvaCare Blood Transfusion Bags packaging is available according to the customer's specifications.
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