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Cotton Swab (Cotton Applicator)

    • Product Information
      AdvaCare Applicators are a general medical swab. The applicator is used for diagnostic specimen collection and general patient care, such as wound treatment and first aid.

      AdvaCare Cotton Applicator features: 
         * Cotton tip
         * Wood haft, PS shaft or PP shaft
         * Regular tip
         * Sterile
         * Paper-plastic pack or paper pack

      AdvaCare Cotton Swabs are available as:
           Cotton Swab (Cotton Applicator) wooden shaft
           Cotton Swab (Cotton Applicator) PS shaft
           Cotton Swab (Cotton Applicator) PP shaft

    • Product Packaging
      AdvaCare Cotton Swab (Cotton Applicator) are available in the following packaging:
      1 piece or 2 pieces / pack, 100 packs / box, 10 boxes / carton;
      5 pieces / pk, 40 packs or 20 packs / box, 10 boxes / carton;
      10 pieces / pack, 20 packs / box, 10 boxes / carton;

      or according to the costumer's specification.
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