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Gauze Ball

    • Product Information
      AdvaCare Gauze Balls are made of highly absorbent 100% cotton gauze. They are ideal for the absorption of blood and other fluids. Gauze balls are also used for cleaning wounds and for skin disinfection.

      AdvaCare Gauze Balls feature:
           * High absorbent and super soft
           * With or without X-ray
           * Different sizes
           * Available in flat form, peanut form or with elastic band

      AdvaCare Gauze Balls are available as:
           Gauze Ball flat form
           Gauze Ball peanut form
           Gauze Ball with elastic band
           Gauze Ball without elastic band

    • Product Packaging
      AdvaCare Gauze Balls are available in the following packaging:
      250 pieces / poly bag, 24 or 16 poly bags / carton;
      250 pieces / poly bag, 12 or 8 or 6 poly bags / carton;
      1000 pieces / poly bag / carton;

      or according to the customers specification.

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