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Gauze Bandage / Elastic Bandage (Gauze Dressing)

    • Product Information
      AdvaCare Gauze Bandage / Elastic Bandage is made of light-weight cotton threads. It is not sticky by itself, so it does not bond to the wounds or cuts it covers. The Gauze Bandage / Elastic Bandage can be used for almost any bandage application, including holding the dressing of an injury in place. Gauze Bandage / Elastic Bandage are a widely used wound dressing in hospitals and homes.

      AdvaCare Gauze Bandage / Elastic Bandage features:
      * Highly absorbent  
      * Color: white, skin, or other
      * Mesh: 25x17, 24x16, 20x12, 19x15, 19x10, 12x8, or other
      * Yarn count: 21S x 21S, 32S x 32S, 40S x 40S

      AdvaCare Gauze Bandages / Elastic Bandage are available as:
           Gauze Bandage 25x17
           Gauze Bandage 24x16
           Gauze Bandage 20x12
           Gauze Bandage 19x15
           Gauze Bandage 19x10
           Gauze Bandage 12x8
    • Product Packaging
      AdvaCare  Gauze Bandages / Elastic Bandage  are available in the following packaging:
      12 or 24 pieces / pack, 500 packs / carton;

      or according to the customers specification.
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