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Gauze Swab (Gauze Pad)

    • Product Information AdvaCare Gauze Pads are a medical dressing made of cotton. The gauze pad is used to protect and soften a wound, to soak up blood and other fluids. It is especially utilitarian for dressing wounds where other material might adhere to the burn or raw wound.

      AdvaCare Gauze Pads feature:
          * With or without X-ray
          * Colors: white, green or blue
          * 8 ply, 12 ply or 16 ply
          * Different sizes
          * Sterile or non- sterile
          * Sterile:  Y-cut available, sterilized by ETO or Gamma Ray

      AdvaCare Gauze Pads are available as:
          Gauze Pad 5x5 cm
          Gauze Pad 2x2 cm
          Gauze Pad 4x4 cm
          Gauze Pad 7.5x7.5 cm
          Gauze Pad 10x10 cm
          Gauze Pad 10x12.5 cm
          Gauze Pad 10x20 cm

      or according to the customer's specification.
    • Product Packaging AdvaCare Gauze Pads are available in the following packaging:
      100 pieces / pack, 10 packs / carton;
      1 piece / pouch, 100 pouches / box, 2400 or 1800 boxes / carton;
      1 piece / pouch, 100 pouches / box, 1600 or 1200 or 600 boxes / carton;

      or according to the customers specification.
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