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IV Cannula

    • Product Information AdvaCare IV Cannula has many uses, such as: parenteral nutrition, repeated infusion / blood transfusion, clinical peripheral vascular system insertion,  emergency rescue.

      AdvaCare IV Cannula features:
           * Types: Pen type,wint and injection
           * Sterilization (sterilized by EO)
           * High quality needle and ptfe or fep or pur tube
           * Colors: pink, blue and yellow

      AdvaCare IV Cannulas are available as:
           IV Cannulas 14g
           IV Cannulas 16g
           IV Cannulas 18g
           IV Cannulas 20g
           IV Cannulas 22g
           IV Cannulas 24g

      or according to the customers specification.
    • Product Packaging AdvaCare IV Cannulas are available in the packaging:
      50 pieces per box,1000 pieces per carton

      or according to the customer's specifications.
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