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Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad)

    • Product Information AdvaCare abdominal pad is used as a sponge for the absorption of drainage during operations and treatment of patients. The abdominal pad is made from several layers of gauze, which are folded into a rectangular shape.

      AdvaCare Abdominal Pad features:
         * Color: blue, green or white
         * Pre-washed or Unwashed
         * With or without X- ray
         * With or without cotton loop
         * Different sizes

      or according to the customers specification.

      AdvaCare Abdominal Pads are available as:
           Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) 2 ply
           Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) 3 ply
           Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) 4 ply
           Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) 6 ply
           Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) 8 ply
           Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) 12 ply
           Lap Sponge (Abdominal Pad) 16 ply

      or according to the customers specification.
    • Product Packaging AdvaCare Abdominal Pad is available in the following packaging:
      150 or 200 pieces / carton
      5 pieces / pack, 24 packs / carton

      or according to the customers specification.
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