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Medical Spatula (Cervical Scraper)

    • Product Information AdvaCare Medical Spatula is a small instrument with a flat surface. The Medical Spatula is used by doctors to hold the patients tongue down, so that they can examine the patients throat. Pharmacists use the medical spatula to spread plasters and ointments, or as an aid to mix ingredients.

      AdvaCare Medical Spatula features:
         * Sterile or Non-sterile
         * Paper wrapped
         * 7 inch

       AdvaCare Medical Spatulas are available as:
           Medical Spatula Wooden
           Medical Spatula Plastic


    • Product Packaging
      AdvaCare Medical Spatula is available in the following packaging:
      1 piece / pack, 100 packs / box, 10 boxes / carton;
      50 pieces / pack, 2 packs / box, 50 boxes / carton;
      100 pieces / box, 50 boxes / carton;

      or according to the costumers specification.
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