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Scalp Vein Set

    • Product Information Scalp vein set is designed to provide rapid venous access with greater patient comfort during infusion. The proximal end of the set is provided with flexible female luer fitting. Rigid luer lock fitting also available on specific demand. Butterflies are colour coded for instant identification of needle size.


      Nimesh Pharma Scalp Vein Set features:
          * Butterfly set for long term infusion
          * Short bevelledsiliconised needle facilitates atraumaticcannulation
          * Thin wall needle provides better flow rate per gauge
          * Butterfly shaped wings facilitate easy handling and attachment with
             the skin


      Nimesh Pharma Scalp Vein Sets are available as:
           Scalp Vein Set Luer Lock 21g
           Scalp Vein Set Luer Lock 23g
           Scalp Vein Set Luer Lock 25g

         or according to the customer’s specification.

    • Product Packaging

      Nimesh Pharma Scalp Vein Set is available in the following packaging:

      1 per poly bag, 500 sets per carton;

    • Therapy Medical Disposable
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