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Zinc Oxide Plaster

    • Product Information Zinc Oxide Plaster is a non-elastic, sticky tape commonly used to prevent injuries in the joints such as the knee, shoulder, wrist, or ankle. It is also used for fastening dressing and surgical operations.

      Nimesh Pharma Zinc Oxide Plaster features:
          * 100% cotton
          * easy-to-tear
          * color: white or skin
          * provides strong adhesive properties
          * no glue residue
          * smooth or zigzag edge

      Nimesh Pharma Zinc Oxide Plasters are available as:
           Zinc Oxide Plaster width 1.25cm
           Zinc Oxide Plaster width 5cm
           Zinc Oxide Plaster width 7.5cm
           Zinc Oxide Plaster width 10cm
           Zinc Oxide Plaster width 15cm

      or according to the customers specification.
    • Product Packaging Nimesh Pharma Zinc Oxide Plaster is available in the following packaging:
      Simple packing, individual packing in plastic can, individual packing in tin plate can.
       6 rolls / box; 12 rolls / box

      or according to the customer's specifications.
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